It’s All About You! Again!

Again today, it’s not about me. It’s all about YOU! Yes, You!

Ok, I have to say, I was very pleasantly surprised when my idea for “It’s All About You” post last Friday was received so well.

Even more, I enjoyed the memories that the picture I posted brought forth in some of my readers. I mean I REALLY enjoyed them!

The word ‘really’ doesn’t describe my feelings well.

I authentically, categorically, honestly, no…INDUBITABLY enjoyed them. You guys are awesome!

I was touched by every one of your memories.

It evoked memories of loved ones,



 family vacations,

 peaceful moments

 and even memories of a favorite movie.

I think its a great chance to remember how similar and how different the experiences that shape our lives can be.

Ok, ok, ok, enough of me babbling and getting all sentimental.

As I was saying, I enjoyed this so much, I’ve decided to make this a regular or semi regular part of my blog.

On Fridays I will post a picture and I will ask you to tell us what memory or feeling it brings out in YOU. You can post your memory or feeling short & sweet in the comment section, or if it inspires a tale better left for your blog, please link said tale back to the comment section so we can all share in your creation.

This last Monday, when I took a day off work to wander aimlessly around the country side with G2 (my camera) and a good friend who lives in the area, we stumbled across something interesting. On some winding country road that I probably couldn’t find again if you paid me, we decided to pull onto a gravel road to turn around. As we did, we were at first taken by the view, but as I was turning around, something caught my eye down a slight hill off to the side.

After I knocked away the “What a shame this classic sits here, rotting away” feelings, I remember weekends during the decade of big hair (yes the 80’s) and teen angst. I remember a local Hardees parking lot where everyone cool cruised around in their cool, and not so cool cars and hung out sitting on bumpers, walking around, some smoking, until the cops came and chased us all away.

Ahhhh, the memories…..

Wait, this isn’t about me today, it’s about you.

Close your eyes (ok, wait until you’ve read this first) then close your eyes and go back, or not so far back…….

What memories does this picture bring forth?

25 thoughts on “It’s All About You! Again!

  1. OMG! You shouldn’t post pictures like that when you have a gearhead amongst you! PULL THAT BABY OUT OF THOSE WEEDS AND GIT ‘ER RUNNIN’!!!

    Memories my foot! That’s a classic! Oh what my family could do with that!!!

    Ugh, you’re killing me here!


  2. The background reminds me of the summer I went to Boy Scout camp, during my unsuccessful run at being a scout. It makes think of a field they had us play lacrosse in. A good time. And then I got stung in the eye by something while I was sleeping. nice.


  3. I’m first amazed at how this view was down a road no one could see! and on top of that, that beautiful orange muscle of a car! This reminds me of a lake and big tire swing. and being able to get on that tire swing and swing into that lake, and drive off in the sunset with the windows down and wind in my hair.


  4. O.k. at first glance I thought of Dukes Of Hazzard, too. Glad I’m not the only one. Second thought is of my dad. He’s a mechanic and race car driver. He would love this car!

    Really like your blog. I just stopped over here from blogfrog.


  5. Oh such fun. I want to play this game too.
    OK…, there was this boy at school that had one of these beauties & it was a time when no one had a petrol guzzling car like this, coz it was the Year 2000 & hotted up little cars were all the rave at our school… ‘cept him…., he loved that dam car. He sat in it all the time with the sound pumped up up UP – he was so in love with the car he never once noticed all the girls that were secretly in love with him but none of us stood a chance next to his true love.. SSssiiiiighhh 🙂 Wonder if he ever got over the affair he had with that dam car huh?


  6. It made me smile thinking of my older brther & I fighting over the TV. I thought of Dukes of Hazard like a few others. He loved the show and used to hogthe TV when it was on. Why does my kids’ bickering drive me insane while memories of my brother & I doing it cracks me up?


  7. Christy–
    this brought me directly back to when we lived in the South…the sticky days and the sodas over crushed ice…the stale economy and so much poverty around–where you’d least expect it…
    and kudzu…and the fragrance of humidity and sweat and hairspray, and Sunday mornings…


  8. The General Lee! I used the watch The Dukes of Hazard with my brother and my dad every Friday night. My mom would equip us with our treats – a cereal bowl of chips (which we were only allowed to have on Friday nights) and a glass of juice and we would settle down to watch the show. My dad loved Boss Hogg & Roscoe LOL. I was really disappointed when Bo & Luke were replaced by Coy & Vance. I mean REALLY, who are The Dukes of Hazard without Bo & Luke!?


  9. Wow. What an amazing piece of land. I was never one for muscle cars, but my Hubby sure is. Made me think of my aunt & uncle. When they moved to their farm in KY, like a million years ago, they decided to clear a bit of the back of their property. They were clearing for 2 days when they found an old car in the overgrowth. They left it there and planted wildflowers in and around it. Called it there “Redneck Garden.”


  10. First of all, GREAT, GREAT idea! I love that this is interactive and you get so many different perspectives on something! Wonderful idea. This picture reminds me of an old boyfriend who was always into working on old cars and fixing them up. It also reminds me of my brother-in-law who for a while did the same thing with an old Malibu.


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