Today, it’s all about You!


Hello! Today I’d like to try something different.

I would love to hear about YOU! Yes, you!

One of the things that attract us to artwork, whether it be photography or something different, is the emotion or memory it stirs.

Sure, sometimes its about aesthetics but most of the time it’s not.

So this is where you come in.

See this picture below?

Does it stir a memory or memories for you?

If so, what are they?

Does it stir a feeling or an emotion? If so, tell us about it.

Maybe, just maybe, you don’t like to go outside and you’re a complete homebody or city person and this just doesn’t stir up any emotion or feeling at all,

thats o.k. too.

We all have different experiences & perspectives in this tapestry of life.

Rules, there are no rules. Just tell us all about your memory short & sweet, OR,

if this has inspired a longer tale, you can link the story about your tale in the comment section below.

For now, I will save the memories that this picture reminds me of for later.

Today I want to hear from you.

26 thoughts on “Today, it’s all about You!

  1. Love this idea Christy! The very first thing that popped into my mind was the vacation that my husband and I took last year to Quebec. We stayed at a lovely old cottage literally steps away from the lake. The very first morning we looking out the windows to the lake and we could not even see it there was so much fog. We later discovered that our cat, Sophie, was nowhere to be found. Frantically we looked for her, but she had escaped from the cottage. About 36 hours later, when I was on my way to post a sign (in my poor excuse for the French language) at the main entrance to the street we were on, Sophie trotted out from under the cottage…no worse for wear and hungry! We thankfully enjoyed the rest of the vacation very much, but it was a stressful couple of days. This is a beautiful image!


  2. What a cool idea. Honestly the first thing I thought when I saw this was of summer camp in 7th grade. It was the first time I ever rowed a boat solo (well with another kid, but without an adult) and I loved it.


  3. This makes me wish I lived near a pond so that I could go and take pictures of it on beautiful mornings and evenings! Unfortunately, I’m not super-close-by to anything that looks like this. I do love that it seems so quiet and still. That is the best time of the day.
    Do I have a memory that’s been triggered by this photo? Actually, yes! It reminds me of when I was a Freshman at Dartmouth and I spent my Freshman fall trying out for the women’s Crew (rowing) team. It was some of the most fun I had ever had, and the Connecticut River was so gorgeous. I ended up getting cut at the end of the quarter because my ERG machine times weren’t up to par, but the coach kept encouraging me to continue to practice with them through the Winter to get my times up, since I had such good form out on the river. I’ll always remember how impressed she was with how I rowed when we were out there. I didn’t go back in the Winter though; I ended up getting involved in other activities. Plus I couldn’t swim that well and part of winter practices included swimming like 50 laps every day or week or something like that! Haha! Ironic, I know. I got out while I could. 🙂


  4. This is a great idea! Your picture made me reminisce on the week I went away to camp at Lake Allatoona (GA) when I was a kid. The best part was the beautiful lake, but I was very homesick and I didn’t enjoy the scorpions, lol!


  5. For some reason this stirs up a memory of my mothers native town, Louisiana. The lakes fog and the fish boats, just bring that Louisiana home feeling. Even though it seems wierd, it makes me thing of the time when i was younger and all of my mother’s sisters were still living and we would go out there for holidays and birthdays.


  6. We go to a lovely little lake, Timothy Lake on Mount Hood about 50 miles away from Portland, Oregon. We have gone tent camping at rather rustic facilities. Due to the elevation, the Lake doesn’t get very warm. When the lake is cold, you can be sure the night air has been colder so that an early awakening has afforded me a few good shots of beached boats with a mist of fog rising all around them. What great memories! Many beautiful sunrises, sunsets and scenery with Mount Hood in the distance.


  7. This looks like the beloved lake that my family’s vacation/weekend home is on. The rowboats, lined up along the shore, belong to the residence of the beach community Sagamore Estates. Beyond, where the distance shore line dips is the entrance to the other lake or “twin” lake. The lake is calm as a mill pond as my father would call it. If you row out to the middle of the lake, you can hear every sound, bird, person moving about on all shores.

    Now I need a tissue. Thanks for the memory.


  8. Your photo doesn’t remind me of one specific memory, but rather, a set of specific memories. It sends me back to camping as a child with my family, usually near water. It sends me back to a trip to Martha’s Vineyard. It sends me back to times on lakes in the Seirras, fishing with my Dad & brother in the early morning…I was always the only girl out there with all the other men and fathers & sons.

    Thanks for stopping by, saying hello & leading me here. Your photography is beautiful and I’ve enjoyed my trip down memory lane. Thank you! :>


  9. Okay, love this idea!

    It doesn’t bring a memory to mind, but it does make me think of one of my favorite movies The Notebook and the scene where he rows her in the middle of the lake to show her the swans and they get caught in the rainstorm and they go back to his house and…well, I’ll just stop there. (*Fanning myself with my hand*)

    It’s fun to read what other people wrote!


  10. Hi Christy! Your photographs are beautiful. Thanks for visiting my site. You and G2 should do the 365, it’s just fun, if anything.

    I especially love this boat photo. I have one hanging in my living room that is similar, but doesn’t evoke as much emotion.

    It actually reminds me of yet another photo that I saw about seven years ago at an ‘Art in the Park’. While I pushed my girls around in the double stroller and ate kettle corn, I fell in love with a photo much like this one. I couldn’t afford it, but I still pine for it.


  11. Thanks for the opportunity! I am envious of your skill with the camera. Your blog, along with 2 others have inspired me to purchase a new camera. Nothing special, just a mid range digital. I seem to become lost in certain photos. No words come, just being in the presence of whatever the photo is. The boats instantly drew me away to days of fishing with my husband. Spending hours just being together. Always jealous when we had a fish on the line and a break in our serenity. Together on a lake, speaking of anything and everything, sometimes nothing of importance. Being there on the Lake observing nature, filling every ounce of our being with a peaceful calm. Great memories.


  12. I thought about summer with my family and family friends. one particular summer came to mind where we drove from LA to Canada and back in 8 days. Visiting gardens, lakes, city life, etc. It was awesome.

    This was such a cool idea.


  13. This reminds me of an early Fall morning, not too long after Summer’s ended so it’s not too cold, but cold enough to create some fog. It reminded me of two things – first, the summers we used to spend up at our country cottage, and how we would swim across the lake, and windsurf. Second (sort of relates to the first), it reminds me of my childhood. I recently posted a memory of that right here:

    (There are no boats involved but there is mention of water! :-D)


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