First Birthday Portraits – Ariella

This is our birthday girl, Ariella

This is Ariella with her brother Brady.

Let me tell you, to get either one of these sitting still for more than 2 seconds is quite the achievement!

So it was Ariellas first birthday and her mom took us all to the park where after a few pictures, she let Ariella play with her very own cake as is tradition in some families for a first birthday.

From here, I’ll just let the pictures tell the story. 

Nom, Nom, Nom, mmmmmmm.

“HEY! What are YOU doing here?”

Nom. nom, nom, nom, nom……mmmmmmmmmmmm (x 2)

And this is where the picture is blurry because I couldn’t help but laugh my butt off at the fun mess this little princess was making! This was all her doing, no help from us or her brother!

Thanks for joining in Brady!

Happy First birthday princess!

Miss Molly Turns One!

One of the things I love about portrait photography, especially newborn/children/family photography,

is watching families change through time.

I took little Ms Molly’s pictures a few weeks after she was first born and this was my personal favorite.

Blink your eyes and it’s one year later. Little Miss Molly is turning one and her mom and dad invited me to

take her 1 year pictures.

Oh how a year can change a baby!

And I love it that they have the same tradition for first birthdays that my family does.

What tradition is that? Give the baby their first piece of cake to do with what they please!

It’s so fun to watch them discover the texture and best of all, the taste of this sweet birthday treat.

After a few bites and a little finger painting with icing, she was done.

Off to the tub she went!

Happy first birthday Miss Molly!!

Family Shoot September 2011

I love doing family shoots, it’s fun for me to see the family interact and watch the little ones play. 

One of the challenges on family shoots is that the little ones, especially those under the age of 8 or 9, tend to lose patience quickly. These little guys were great, they got bored, but put up with one pose after another.


 Looks like a formidable trio here!

Thank you Jeff & Kristi for asking me to capture this time in your lives!  

Wrangling Rascals

I recently had the opportunity to take 4 little rascals that have a strong hold on my heart, to the park for pictures.

Taking portraits of kids, any kids, can be a bit of a challenge at times.

Children are so full of energy!

 I’m one of those few million people who wishes I knew how to bottle that energy!

And so, you can’t expect when you have 4 bundles of energy, to get every shot just right.

I don’t care whether we’re talking kids, or adults, when you have more than one person, it can be difficult to get them to look the same direction, pose the way they should, smile at the same time, not blink, not scratch, I could go on and on and on,

but I won’t,

I’m sure you get the idea.

Oh and you also have to beware of those other pesky photographers! (Notice the upper right  & left corners?) Yes, they just stepped right into my frame. Not that I did that to anyone that day, no way, not me!

 (Sorry if I did!)

And then you always have the wise guy…or girl in this case.

Dang I love these kids!

Then, you get the photos that you came for, Cheesy smiles and all!

I was fortunate enough to get some pictures that captured their individual personalities. We have here a ball of energy & the slightly more subdued and reflective one.












In the end was able to also take home a photo that shows the connection & comfort they have with each other.

 Thats a wonderful day.

J’s Senior Pictures

A few Saturdays ago, J & I went down to Historic Main Street to take her senior pictures.

Its a great place to not only shop & eat, but there are a great variety of textures & colors to make for a pretty good selection of photos.

In this case, we looked in between the shop buildings for ally ways that leant texture and color.

Ok, now this one was actually in a totally different location. I love this one though. The background is natural and subtle and it was a cloudy day which is the best natural filter. The clouds act as a diffuser to the sun, spreading the light out more evenly which cuts down on the amount of shadows that direct sunlight can cast on faces & elsewhere.

Then, there were the doorways…

I thought that this doorway would be too busy or loud but theres no harm in trying and I’m so glad we did.

This green door was really not all that attractive either, it was dinged up, a bit dirty looking but again, something told my brain it had promise, so whats the harm in trying?

This ended up being one of my personal favs. I may be a little partial though too since I gave birth to the subject in this picture!

Don’t even get me started there, I’m bound to become a blubbering mess over how fast my little baby girls have become all grown up like I did here.

Moving on….



This photo was taken next to a fairly boring stone wall. I wanted to jazz it up a bit and make it modern & edgy so I did that with a little post processing magic.

 Then we had some more fun. It was actually J’s idea to jump, it’s great to have a daughter that is creative too. It was also her idea to make this a slecective color photo so I taught her the process and she processed this one herself. 

And lastly, my very favorite one. This one will be the one hanging on my wall. I love how this one catches her beautiful eyes & her peaceful demeanor. (She’s peaceful when she’s not hyper & talking a mile a minute.)

All in all, I would say the day was a success. We laughed a lot, experiemented with photo opportunities and ate some of the best italian food for lunch. We were both happy with the pictures we were able to get and we had a blast together. It was a great day.

Welcome to the world Maria Grace!

The holidays have passed, the long winter is almost done and I am concentrating again on my photography.
I do however, need to post Baby Marias arrival. Last summer I took pictures of the Ricks family and Dianne was expecting.
 In October they were blessed with a third beautiful daughter, Maria Grace.
New little Maria was for the most part pretty patient with us moving her this way and that but this is one of those moments where daddy was trying to calm her down.

As you can see, Marias big sisters, Anna & Elizabeth, are very proud of their new baby sister.

Welcome to the world Maria Grace!
May your days be blessed with happiness and may you remember the good times your family will share.

The Ricks Family Pictures

This past May I had the chance to take some family photos of the Ricks family.
It can be difficult to get kids this age to smile & look at the camera, both at the same time, but Anna & Lizzie did great!
“What greater thing is there for human souls than to feel that they are joined for life – to be with each other in silent unspeakable memories.” ~George Eliott
And back in May, Dianne was expecting their 3rd child. Stay tuned to see the photos of their new arrival!

Photos of the Schneider Family

Earlier this year I had the pleasure of photographing this awesome family, the Schneiders.

I had a lot of fun and the children were not only adorable but a delight!

The day we shot these, the ground was wet from recent rains. At the very end, they allowed me a few shots of their adorable 9 month old daughter sitting in the wet garden. She did great!
She was such a ham! But in the end, she got a bit tired of sitting for the camera, this was when we knew she’d had enough.
Originally posted 11/09