It’s All About You Friday 3

Before I get to the business of “It’s all about you” Friday, I want to say that 2 weekends ago I was in the last art/craft show for this year. I met some wonderful people who I had many great conversations with.

 Thank you to any of you who may be reading.

One other thing totally unrelated,

 If you read my story “Mom’s Got Cooties” you’ll be interested to know that I sprained my ankle Black Friday shopping, more on that later.

(No worries, ankle is healing quickly and it was still an awesome day!)

Ok, back to business.

It’s Friday again.

And on “It’s All About You Friday’s” I like to hear what you are thinking when you see a picture I post.

 Does it stir a memory?

The premise behind this little Friday event is that one of the things that attract us to artwork, whether it be photography or something different, is the emotion or memory it stirs.

I want to hear about your emotion, your memory because I love to hear the stories that make us similar and yet so very different.

 I’ve been pleasantly surprised to hear the broad  range of memories this exercise evokes.

It brings me joy, BUT, this is about you!

If you are new to “It’s All About You Friday” and would like to see the others I’ve posted, see them here First Friday and Friday Again.

 The picture will always be a picture I’ve taken.

I get great comments.

Seriously, you guys are the awesomest.  

According to, awesomest is not a word. 

It is now!  

So here we go. Look at this picture, sit, ponder…Does this stir a memory or emotion in you? 

If you’d be so kind as to share, please, add it to the comment section of this post.




9 thoughts on “It’s All About You Friday 3

  1. this immediately gets my imagination going…like there are little elves or dwarfs living in that hole in the tree, with a living room, and kitchen, etc. and like this little elf family is cooking breakfast and getting ready for the holidays (hey, it is december), decorating their mini x-mas tree…like i said, my imagination went full-throtle when i saw that hole in the tree. 😀


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  3. This one makes me think of the book Hedgehog Bakes A Cake. My oldest and I first checked it out of the library about 8 years ago, and it was out of print even then. It’s a sweet story of a hedgehog that bakes a cake for his friends, and gets a little too much help in the beginning. It includes a recipe in the back, which was the first cake that I let my then 2 1/2 year old do most of the mixing and measuring for–boy, was he ever proud of that cake!


  4. My first reaction was peaceful. Then as I scrolled down and saw the hole I couldn’t help but smile thinking about what little creatures might take up residence there. So for me it’s peaceful and happy. Gorgeous photo. Take care of that ankle. Hope you heal fast! Diane


  5. LOL, I picture little Hobbits, or the Traveling Nome. You know when you see trees like that they have a small chipmunk or squirrel living in it. Makes me want to put a little “welcome” sign outside of it.


  6. When I was little we had a little fox terrier called Puddles (famous for her name) and whenever we went walking and she saw a little hole she could disappear into she’d do it……, used to drive us nuts! Eventually we figured out it was for the attention and kept on walking and before long she’d be trailing at our heels again. Everytime I see trees with little hidy holes I think of Puddles 🙂


  7. Stirs up memories of rolling down the hill (behind the tree in your picture) faster and faster and faster and then bumping into the tree and laughing so hard I couldn’t stand up.

    Then getting up and running back up the hill to do it again. I used to roll down hills every time I saw one. Total freedom!


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