It was a Beautiful, Strange Day

Have you ever had a day where you saw more than one strange thing and just said WTF?

This last Monday was one of those days. It was a gorgeous day, the last day of a busy 4 day weekend for me.

Earlier in the morning, I walked a spectacular golf course with colors abounding.

It was so beautiful it was downright spiritual.

Then I met up with a great friend I’ve known since I was 16, (which was only a few years ago? HA!).

We had breakfast at a small town pub and then decided to explore the countryside.

Along the way I saw a tree with these laying under.

They look like alien brains!

Maybe I’m just too much of a suburbia girl that I’ve never seen this before but it was downright strange.

Anyone know what these are?


We were exploring Missouri wine country.

I live very close to Missouri wine country but not close enough!

I don’t say that because I’m a wino, I say that because Missouri wine country is downright beautiful.

Its made up of rolling hills looking over river bottoms, and small towns with quaint stores.


This is a winery just down the road from where that friend of mine lives. (It was taken a few days before.)

But on the day that we were exploring the countryside, we saw these and said “What the….?”

These are in someones yard, smack dab in the middle of one of those tiny quaint towns. I’d guess the population to not be more than 100 or so. 

More exploring, down gravel roads (in my formerly clean black car) and more beautiful color.

Again, if you knew how many pictures I took on this day, you’d laugh at me. 

 You’d say, “You’re so Craaaazzy”.

So my friend and I, we head back to the small town pub where we had coffee & breakfast.

Thats also where we had lunch.

There’s no Mc’y anything in this neck of the woods (Thank God).

I then give my dear friend a hug and we promise to get together again soon.

And I head home.

(The following were taken with my cell phone, G2 was put away resting after one heck of a workout, so that is why they is not the best quality.)

On my way home I see this:

 And you’re saying, “So?”

(Don’t you just love how I read your minds?)

I pass this road fairly often.

So imagine my surprise when I saw a tree taller than all in the land, towering over everything else.

Originally, I thought I was really losing it. That someone as visual as myself has missed this towering tree after all of these years.

Then logic set in and I realized I would have never have missed this tree….So….wtf?

Then I got closer.

(For the record, I was sitting at a stop light when taking this picture.)

So….its a pole, not a tree at all,

Nothing connected to it.

Except for what I can only assume are fake branches.

and I said…..


So Much to See

My husband and I went to Chicago recently. It was one of those, “Lets get the heck out of Dodge for a few days” trips, and since it’s only a few hours drive, its easy for us to do on a long weekend.

I’ve been to Chicago a few times before, but he’s from there so I’ve been there to visit family & friends, but I never really got to see the sights. Not until this trip, I insisted.

In fact, we stayed downtown, within walking distance of Navy Pier and other attractions.

 The food there is great if you know where to go! Try Mr. Beef for instance…

Oh it may not look like a whole lot from the outside, but they have some awesome beef sandwiches. They heap on the beef and let me tell you, its delicious. So delicious that we stopped here first….before the hotel! 

But beyond the food, the city is beautiful.

I’ll be honest, I’m not a ‘city’ girl.  I’m a suburbia girl who wishes she lived on some acreage, a country girl at heart. I tend to feel a bit clausterphobic in the city if I’m there for long but I do LOVE to visit. The city has so much to see, tall buildings, people from everywhere, cars, taxi’s, tour buses and chaos.

The buildings. They are a mix of the old and the new, all jumbled together like a tapestry of glass, steel and stone. I have to say that the old buildings are my favorite, so much more character than the new. The new buildings in their tens’ of stories of glass & steel are a sight to see, but its the old buildings made of brick, of mortar and with so much beauty, history, style & detail that I love.

On some, ivy crawls across the cold, hard stone, giving the illusion of warmth.

There is history inside and outside of buildings like this. Men who constructed these buildings with their hands and sweat, without many of the tools we have today. People for centuries have gazed upon the very same buildings admiring the architecture and beauty.


We walked to Navy Pier, after meandering & shopping & taking it all in, we sat by a window in a restaraunt just inside Navy Pier. It was a hot, sunny day and I wanted a bite to eat & a glass of cold water. As I watched, I saw people, young and old, big & little, and the expressions on their faces as they walked onto the pier. I watched as couples walked hand in hand enjoying the sun and the sights. I watched moms and dads bring their children and point up at the ferris wheel with wonderment and awe. I could tell the first time visitors with that look on their face that said they had been looking forward to coming here for a while, & now, here they were. 

We all watch t.v. and read our books and blogs, but I recommend you get out and watch life…watch it unfold right in front of you.