Do You Ever Wonder?

Sometimes I just like to get out and drive.

I hit the open road for an hour or more and go back home.

I love the anticipation of what I may see around the next corner.

I love to see the way certain light makes ordinary things glow.

And I can’t help but wonder, when I see the older buildings, what lives have been lived here?

I know that their lives were so different from ours now.

Things were harder without the conveniences we have today, but then again,

they weren’t as distracted as we are now.

Do you ever wonder if, in some ways, they had it better then we do now?

I mean, indoor plumbing can’t be beat but what about everything else?

8 thoughts on “Do You Ever Wonder?

  1. Nice photos. Yes, I sometimes wonder things like that. Or when you are driving around looking at the cars around you and wonder where all those people are going, and what specific journey they are taking in life.


  2. I often wonder, too, what a building was like in its hey day! What the people looked like, what the road was like that I was driving on….I would have loved to have grown up in the 40’s and 50’s in my area. There are so many older homes and barns, little roads that you know were dirt roads just wide enough for a horse and carriage and the little alley ways between the major streets as cut throughs for the locals.
    The last pictures of the barn…amazing how the black and white really looks like it was taken back then….


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