Days That Weren’t …. Winter

Although I do love living in a place with a change in seasons, this winter has been longer and tougher than most in my memories past.

A few weeks ago I showed you some picts from last spring, now I will show you a few that I took of the Missouri countryside before it turned blah and wintery.

A beautiful day in Autumn.

I should have been at work that day, but took a vacation day.

I wish I could get paid to drive around this beautiful country of ours and take in all of the beauty.

Now THAT would be awesome.


But wait, 

I guess since it was a vacation day, and I got paid for it, I did (technically) get paid to drive around and take pictures.


Always have to look at the bright side!

36 thoughts on “Days That Weren’t …. Winter

  1. OMG! You were actually present at these places?! Now that’s is what I call “living”. That is a blessing to see such beauty. God’s creation is without a doubt AMAZING!


  2. You can almost smell the leaves and brisk coolness in the air! Ugh, you’re such a tease! I’m not weathering (no pun intended) this winter very well.

    Do you ever frame your pictures? They’re just stunning! You have quite a talent!! And an awesome camera!


  3. Nature is such a wonderful and awesome creation of God’s. When you see such beautiful pictures as these it just takes your breath away and puts your minds at ease for a moment. Awesome!

    Thanks for sharing. Is Spring here yet? 😛



  4. I am simply dying to go to all of these places you’ve shown in the pictures above. I would most particularly want to go to the place shown in the second picture. The sky looks awesome , the reflection of it falling in the river makes the river look stunning! If I could go there it would be like a dream come true! Missouri rocks!
    Since you re fond of seasons here’s a fun quiz or you –
    The Season Personality Test
    Which season are you like?


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