Half Way to Spring



There’s been a lot of it this year. Even the U.S. South which closes schools and roads when there is only an inch or 2 is just recently melting from several inches which totally shut them down (Cough-Wimps-Cough) for darn near a week. Here in Mo, they’re calling for more snow this week.


 After the snow there is always the soggy, muddy mess that is left behind until the warmer/drier days reappear to dry up the mush. Days are still gray and dull here in mid Missouri and I am looking forward to the signs of life, the sprigs of green to appear on the ground and in the trees, when spring is on our doorsteps.

Here are some pictures I took last spring to remind us all what is just around the calendar corner. Spring waits to greet us in the matter of more than a few weeks.

 Hang in there!

18 thoughts on “Half Way to Spring

  1. I love spring, it’s my favorite time of the year. There’s something magical about it. When the animals come out from hiding ready to enjoy the warmer weather, and when the plants that were seemingly dead all winter start to green up and bloom. It’s like a reminder from God that there is always something good that comes out of the bleakness of winter. Boy am i ready for spring!


  2. I was totally the same through the last half of our winter down under 🙂 always on the look out for that splash of colour & promise of spring. Sending some Aussie sunshine over to you to warm your bones 🙂 Keep warm & the fact that its already 19 Jan tells me this year is going to fly by quickly too…, so it’ll be spring for you in no time 🙂


  3. Beautiful spring shots. I to am tired of winter and I am one of those whining southerners. We did have about 7 inches of snow and we missed 5 days of school. Shut down the whole town for 2 days . But remember–we only get these snows once every 20 years so no one has the equipment to handle it. The roads stay frozen and buses can’t travel. The problem is that we have to make up these days in the SPRING when everything is warm and beautiful just like your lovely images. Thanks for giving us something to look forward to during these dreary winter days. (I did get a few lovely snow shots.)


    • I just kid about the southern comment, its funny to see how people in different areas react differently to the snow. Yes, we are more accustomed to it up here and you are right, we’re more prepared also. Our kids make up school time in the spring also, so I can sympathize there.
      I look forward to seeing your lovely snow shots! Thanks for stopping by.


  4. Spring! OK! Bring it on NOW! Lovely, Lovely photos as always. I am ready for longer days and sunny warmth just like most of you. Though I do not care for the Cold that gets to me, Winter is strikingly beautiful. Am I the only one who marks off each day on the calendar with a “HAHA Winter Be Gone”??


  5. I love your photos. PLEASE come and plant some tulips in my yard. My son was born in May (many years ago) and it snowed when we were in the hospital so we use that as the measure…hoping and praying the snow will stop before May. I don’t think we are halfway to spring yet here in Toronto.

    Your blog looks great – I think you changed the format/background.


  6. I loved this post because knowing that the buds will be forming and the flowers will be coming and the snow will be melting helps me get through this last push of winter. I know we are in for more snow and I am NOT happy about it. Just waiting for spring. Love the pictures!


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