Goodbye 2010 and Bye to My 30’s

  When I was little, I used to think that people got the day off because it was MY birthday. It just so happens that my birthday falls on New Years Day, that may have been the real reason,

 just possibly.

So every year I guess it’s a little different for us New Years birthday people, we not only look favorably on the new year as a fresh start, but its also mixed with checking yet another year off the old age meter.

This year is a big one for me, I turn 40.

Goodbye to 2010 and goodbye to my 30’s. (sigh)

I’ve heard so much about 40 and how its all downhill from here.  I’ve even recently bought my first readers glasses because I’ve noticed that for some reason every label, set of directions and even some menu’s have decided to ‘Go Green’ and conserve ink by printing much smaller type. Sometimes avoiding the truth can be uplifting, so let me be in my little happy denial bubble!

Most people make resolutions on New Years, and I’m among the masses that have made a few myself over the years. Last year I actually accomplished one resolution, I quit smoking and I can proudly say I’ve been smoke free now for about 5 months. Yay me! It feels good to tackle a goal and then reach it.

The past few weeks have reinforced one important thing that I really took to heart about 10 years ago,

life is precious & it’s short.

It’s shorter for some than for others and we really don’t know what our future holds or if we hold much of a future on this earth.

I’m not depressed or crying over this,

I want to take life and grab it by the ears and just…


That one word can mean many different things to many different people. In my case, I don’t need to lead an exciting, action packed, adventurous life but I do want to do my best to lead a happy, peaceful life. I want to stop worrying about things that really don’t matter. I want to be kinder.

Instead of making new resolutions, I hope to instead just keep in mind everyday that I don’t want to waste my life crying about my eyesight waning or a line on the face appearing or the fact that I’ve reached a big milestone birthday. I want to thank God for my life and the people he’s blessed me with. I will thank him for everyday, even the ones that suck.

I don’t want to worry what others may think of how I look, what I say, etc.  Now I’m not saying that I go to Walmart in a Moo moo with my arse hanging out, I do want to present myself in a positive light. At the same time I refuse to obsess over the little things that don’t matter in the big scheme. It’s all about finding balance, the right balance for your life.

Life is a gift to every single one of us.

If you find yourself crying or depressed, fight it.

 I’m not saying that sadness isn’t a part of life, and creeps up on everyone at times, but let it out,

then fight against it.




There’s much wisdom in those 3 words.

May your new year be filled with Peace.

May you laugh more, cry less.

May you count your blessings, and learn from failures.

May you see the beauty that is everywhere and thank God you can see it.

May you take the time to see it.

Be good to others and forgive old hurts.

Be good to yourself, and don’t just exist…


Happy New year to all of you!



10 thoughts on “Goodbye 2010 and Bye to My 30’s

  1. But let me tell you….it’s kinda fun, especially when you’re with some friends, to bitch and moan about being in your 40’s. I got my glasses when I turned 40, had been in menopause for at least 5 years already and started noticing age spots. My hair was going grey by that time too.

    But don’t let yourself go. It’s one thing to not worry about how you look. When you go out, even to the grocery store, make sure you’re looking good. It’ll boost that self esteem that sometimes go down the tubes when you hit that golden 4-o!

    Happy Birthday! And Happy New Year!


  2. Happy New Year Christy 🙂 Hope its your best year yet…. fabulous forties. My grandfather always said by the time you reach 40 your ready to take the world by storm, your old enough to know the ropes and young enough to give it all you’ve got. You you good thing…., make it the best yet & have a wonderful year filled with all good things.


  3. Wow! Happy birthday! My 20s sucked…so far my 30s haven’t been too bad. I’m really looking forward to my 40s! I hope you have been having a wonderful birthday with your family, and that you have a great New Year’s Eve! Here’s to the next fantastic decade of your life! May you have joy, happiness, love and all those other great things that make life worth living!


  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!!!!

    Great, thoughtful post. I’m with you on this …

    I have a sign in my kitchen “every day is a gift”, see it every morning, and try to live up to it.

    Go girl. 2011 is the year for you. (from one already enjoying her 40’s)


  5. Happy Birthday young lady! You do know that one can remain 39 for a long long time should you wish. You are brave to move on to 40. As workingtechmom stated, every day is a gift. My wish for 2011….Love yourself, Love your family, Accept others and Enjoy your life. May your New Year be Glorious.


  6. well I still finding it hard to recollect as to from where I got to land in your attractive web-page studded with eye catching photographs and appreciable blogs…but would honestly following the true quote that says ” BETTER LATE THAN NEVER” before I wish you from deep inside my soft core on your birthday; especially in a moment when you kissed your 40.

    stay the same with the touch
    keep the faith with the smile
    have great times ahead!!!


  7. Really nice thoughts about your birthday. My 30s are picking up steam, but ages are just numbers. I know some 70 year old who are full of life and some 30 year olds who have just given up. Regardless of age we just have to consider each day as potentially our last and get the most out of it. I really enjoyed reading your thoughts here.


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