What is Your Perspective?

When it comes to opinions, they’re like um, brains, yep, brains, we all have one. ūüėČ

As different as we all are, so are our perspectives.

I love to have different people look at the same subject, photo (in my case), and give their opinion.

It still never ceases to amaze me how one person can look at a photo and say “Meh, it does nothing for me,” and the next person can come along and that same photo is their favorite. It reminds me how ultimately diverse we all are.

Meet Pricilla, my cousin breeds, raises, trains and sells  horses. I love going there to visit. This is the newest addition. She has an older brother out there somewhere named Elvis.

Which do you prefer? Why?

Now from these, which is your favorite, why?

Notice how color vs. Black and white can completely change the mood of the same photo? I think its because as much as I favor color, it can be distracting to the emotion of a picture. Black and white photos lay bare the soul of the moment. This is especially true in photos of human interaction, but can even be viable in photos of non humans as shown above.

Art, whether a painting, a photograph, a drawing, or even sculpture will only stand out to an audience if it stirs an emotion, a memory, a feeling. That is one reason taste can vary so widely, it varies as do our life experiences and our perspectives.

 Maybe this also helps explain why theres so much chaos during election time. Different life experiences, different perspectives. It would be nice if we could all learn to appreciate each others differences instead of judge each other on them.

Now completely off the subject, I also just want to let my loyal readers know that I’m tired of pizza and take out.¬†I’ll hopefully have some time to cook some things up here soon! I’ve got many recipes to still try and share, stay tuned.


11 thoughts on “What is Your Perspective?

  1. I like animals and flowers to be filmed in color. They’re beautiful creatures of nature and their colors shouldn’t be suppressed.

    I do like certain pictures in black and white though. Black and white is much more modern. I’ve seen black and white photos in country themed rooms and it give the room a sense of “updated, but still cozy”. Pictures of children, landscapes (Ansel Williams for example) and architecture look great in black and white.


  2. while i also like the emotion brought out in black and white pictures, i agree with irene and think that these pictures are better in color. I think for these pictures, the color brings out the emotions more than the black and white.


  3. As always…beautiful work! However, I am split 50-50 on your photos. For the colt, I like the black and white because it envokes an emotion of new beginning, like it’s almost too early in a young life to justify color. For the flowers, the color representation offers more depth and warmth for me. It’s like the flowers are jumping off the screen at you. Well done. ūüôā


  4. I tend to gravitate to people/animals in black & white because of the depth of emotion the subtle tones invoke. I like nature in color because of the of vibrant hues.

    BUT, I must say for these photos, I have reversed my opinion. I like the horse in color because the sheen of his coat just begs you to come closer. I like to flower in black & white because it draws you in with the drama of it all.


  5. I like the color on the foal because it brings it to life and doesn’t look like it could be old…seems fresher.
    I like the black an white picture of the flower because we all know the don’t stay around forever but the black and white seems timeless and forever.
    Take care! ūüôā


  6. I like them both in color. The foal because the black and white image is a little unnatural-looking to me. It seems to distort the angles of the limbs or something. And the flower is because yellow is my favorite color, so I’m a little biased.

    I do like b/w a lot with pictures of people or buildings. Not sure why.


  7. The b&w horse works for me, the flowers don’t. The only explanation I’ve got is that I think my mind says there is so much color in the flowers that it knows what it’s missing.

    Don’t down pizza. It is cut in triangles because it has all the food groups and is its own food pyramid.


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