Distracted by a Dandelion

Saturday morning I woke up and decided to go see what autumn colors I could find. I had things to do later that day so I wanted to stay close to home. I grabbed G2 (my camera) and went to a local park. The crisp cool air and golden sunlight of early morning greeted me. Yes, some trees were turning but we’re not quite at ‘peak’ color yet. I walked through the grass, wet with dew, up to the lake to find the colors of autumn reflecting in the clear calm lake I took a few shots .

As I was walking around the lake to get a better perspective, I was pulled in another direction. Across a small stretch of grassy ground, up on a slight hill I saw a dandelion caught in a beam of morning sunlight. I ask you, who, but me, could be distracted by a frigging dandelion? Well, if you’ve read this you’ll remember that occasionally I can be easily distracted. Or this you also know I’m easily entertained. But then again, this was Saturday, I wasn’t working so I have every right to let anything I want distract me and trust me, I often do.

So I walked over for a closer look.


And then I sat, on the dewy ground, not caring that my pants were going to get soaked, and I took an even closer look.

Then why not lay down in the wet grass & go in even closer?

There is beauty all around us. Sometimes it’s so small and intricate we pass it by. Sometimes its good for the soul to stop, get a little dirty, and take a close look.

After I looked ever so close, I sat up and looked around. Imagine sitting in the middle of a park on the wet grass, in the morning sun, just soaking it all in. Breathing. Seeing. Feeling… thanking. I really didn’t care too much what passer by’s thought. At that moment I was just living, fully aware of the beauty around.

 Oh and about those autumn colors, I’ll give you some peeks soon.

21 thoughts on “Distracted by a Dandelion

  1. Amazing photos!! You are so right. It’s certainly good for the soul to slow down and absorb the beauty that almost constantly surrounds us. Maybe I need to get out early tomorrow and see what I can find. Thanks for the inspiration!


  2. You sometimes have to stop and snap the dandelions. 🙂

    Cows. Remember the California Cows commercial? The cows are having a race, one is saying to herself “I’m winning, I’m winning, I’m win……Oh, dandelions…”
    Cows get distracted by dandelions.

    Your a photographer, you are suppose to get distracted by things like that.


    • LMAO oh, you have me cracking up! I do remember the cow commercial and that is pretty much how my thought process went that morning…..only I wasn’t racing. Thanks for the chuckle and yes, I am actually thankful for the fact that I get distracted easily, or maybe it would be better described as, I go with the moment when I have the freedom to.


  3. Stunning, stunning, stunning photography!!!
    I love the last image… with the dew. Phenomenal.
    And the light too… wow.

    Probably totally worth getting your pants soaked 😉


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