Just a Big Drip…

This is starting my busiest time of the year. And so far my schedule is chock full of stuff to do! Between birthday’s of little ones, one of my BFF’s moving back ‘to the area’ from too far away, taking photos of the gorgeous autumn colors, taking people photos, art & craft shows, oh and that thing called my 40 + hour a week job, things are crazy busy…and I love it.

BUT did that stop me from goofing off about a two weeks ago? No! It’s hard to believe I know, ME goofing off, the embodiment of all things serious. BAWAHAHAHAHa…

Ok, enough of that.

I had been mentioning during my White Chicken Chili recipe how I don’t like to use flash as it can cause shadows, and just isn’t as natural looking as (duh) nautural light, yadda yadda yadda. THEN while making my Grape Salad recipe I announced that in having to use my flash in my kitchen due to the lack of natural light, I found that flash could be fun!?

 Ok, stay with me here folks, I have a point coming soon.

Well this is the result of my fun. Yes I’m entertained VERY easily. This is a good quality though I assure you.

It ends up when using the flash to take pictures of water it freezes that nano second in time and you see what is really coming out of your faucet.

Elegant simplicity….

Sparkling jewels…. 

 And on this one, after a little photo processing magic with the colors, something interesting…

And Bubbles, you can see the air bubbles in the water. Is it just me, or is this actually pretty?

With this post I hope to make a point, besides the fact that I can be entertained by dripping water. 

First, that beauty can be found in the most ordinary things. Things that we never even really see in our everyday lives. Partly because its so mundane, so, well, ordinary that we don’t really ‘see’ it. Its there, to wash our dishes, to wash our hands, to fill that glass of water & quench our thirst, or in my case, to wash the grapes that I later ate to nourish myself (and immerse myself in yummyness)!

Also to remind those of us with running water that in some parts of this gorgeous world we live in, running water is a luxury. I don’t think it was until the disaster in Haiti that I ever even thought of that. We get so busy with our computers, our kids, our jobs, the TV, the Iphones, Blackberries and our everyday busy-ness, we forget how lucky we are and how beautiful IT really is.

Today, take a moment to appreciate the ordinary things in your life.

18 thoughts on “Just a Big Drip…

  1. Reminds me of the icicles that hang from my roof over my deck. When the sun hits them they just sparkle and you can see all the intricacies in them. Your photos are awesome! Hey, sometimes it’s the little things that amuse and make us happy! It’s all good.


  2. Christy! You’ve changed your theme again…but I like it! These images are amazing. I really wish my camera would be able to be modified to catch such cool stuff. But alas…I’ll have to invest in a better one before I can get such clarity. Beautiful!


  3. Those pictures are STUNNING! Thank you for sharing them, and such a nice point. Beauty in simple things. And hear hear about having running water. I just finished reading What is the What, by Dave Eggers. It’s set partially in Sudan and Kenya, and it also made me really appreciate the amenities we have in this country.


  4. Christy, thanks for stopping by. I was really surprised when I saw your post, I JUST discovered the same thing today, and had felt the same way about flash! Isn’t it funny that happened to both of us? I like the way your blog sets off your photos. I can’t wait to browse more.


  5. These pictures are fab and I’m going to try some in a mo. What camera did you use and did you use manual or auto settings? I’m not a pro at photography but I’m getting into the habit ofsteering away from auto so would be interesting to see what settings you used, and what other interesting images can be caught using other settings. Great post, well done!


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