J’s Senior Pictures

A few Saturdays ago, J & I went down to Historic Main Street to take her senior pictures.

Its a great place to not only shop & eat, but there are a great variety of textures & colors to make for a pretty good selection of photos.

In this case, we looked in between the shop buildings for ally ways that leant texture and color.

Ok, now this one was actually in a totally different location. I love this one though. The background is natural and subtle and it was a cloudy day which is the best natural filter. The clouds act as a diffuser to the sun, spreading the light out more evenly which cuts down on the amount of shadows that direct sunlight can cast on faces & elsewhere.

Then, there were the doorways…

I thought that this doorway would be too busy or loud but theres no harm in trying and I’m so glad we did.

This green door was really not all that attractive either, it was dinged up, a bit dirty looking but again, something told my brain it had promise, so whats the harm in trying?

This ended up being one of my personal favs. I may be a little partial though too since I gave birth to the subject in this picture!

Don’t even get me started there, I’m bound to become a blubbering mess over how fast my little baby girls have become all grown up like I did here.

Moving on….



This photo was taken next to a fairly boring stone wall. I wanted to jazz it up a bit and make it modern & edgy so I did that with a little post processing magic.

 Then we had some more fun. It was actually J’s idea to jump, it’s great to have a daughter that is creative too. It was also her idea to make this a slecective color photo so I taught her the process and she processed this one herself. 

And lastly, my very favorite one. This one will be the one hanging on my wall. I love how this one catches her beautiful eyes & her peaceful demeanor. (She’s peaceful when she’s not hyper & talking a mile a minute.)

All in all, I would say the day was a success. We laughed a lot, experiemented with photo opportunities and ate some of the best italian food for lunch. We were both happy with the pictures we were able to get and we had a blast together. It was a great day.

10 thoughts on “J’s Senior Pictures

  1. The picture with J against the green door is my favorite! Love that picture! They are all good though! J is lucky to have a wonderful mother who is also a very talented photographer!


  2. beautiful pictures! i love the one with the colorful door….but i may be a little partial also, counting i do share 1/2 my dna with her (And the photographer, how lucky am I!?) 😀


  3. She is very photogenic and you take great pics! Love the play on colors and light in these. Passing along a blog award to you. You can check it out at my latest post. No pressure to participate. Have a great day!


  4. Beautiful photos and a beautiful daughter! I love the jumping one. I have a daughter who is a hockey goalie and I’ve always wanted to be able to get her in action doing that. You have a gift, for sure!


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