My Sunday A.D.D. Moment


So there I am, watching my taped Oprah shows from the week, getting ready to paint my nails, when my  hubby, G1 came into the room to ask me to check the email and print off his Football picks while he cleans one of his man caves aka The Garage.

“Sure honey,” I say, “I’m glad you caught me before I started my nails!”

– I get up and go to the computer.

– Where I first check MY email.

– Then I have to check another one of my emails.

– OH, my friend Pam emailed, need to respond now.

– Check another Blog that I love to read.

– Moderate a comment left on my blog.

– Check link from comment.

– Leave a comment.

– I look over, see I never made the bed.

– I go make the bed.

– Pick up clothes, take downstairs to do the laundry.

– While doing laundry, realize I forgot to print the picks.


– Go back to computer.

– Check Twitter.

– Oh look at that link.

– Check link (another several minutes go by).

– Check the weather for the week.

– Crud, I need to go start supper.

– Half way to the kitchen remember I forgot to print the picks.


– Go back to computer.

– Check printer for paper.

– Put more paper in printer (Finally, progress!)

– Oh, I haven’t checked Facebook today.

– I go look at Facebook.

– Go back to WordPress to check my blog.

– Start this blog post.

– While I’m writing this post, G1 comes in and asks for the football picks.

– I laugh hysterically at myself.

– G1 thinks I’ve finally lost it and goes back to his garage, shaking his head.

I wonder if those picks will ever get printed.

I wonder if my nails will get done.

I wonder if dinner will ever get made.

Oh, what’s that? I’ve received a new email…..

P.S. After I screwed my head back on straight, the picks were printed, my nails look beautiful and I will be posting my recipe for a different kind of Delicious Chili later this week. This chili even won an award! Well, kinda.

74 thoughts on “My Sunday A.D.D. Moment

  1. Amen, Sister. I can totally relate to this post! You’ve chronicled my every day! At this very moment, I started emptying the dishwasher, but the baby came to “help” so I started to sort laundry, then I brought down a clean dishtowel that somehow got in the hamper, at which point I saw my computer and…you get the idea.

    And the ADD comment on your “About” page–you’re right, I think we are a bit alike. I’m glad you stopped by–I’ve seen your name on PW, loved it, and have been meaning to check out your blog. Call me a subscriber, now!



  2. This actually made me laugh-out-loud. That is my life every day. I learned a term for this from FlyLady (if you don’t know her, you should check her out). I now refer to myself as a SHE – a Sidetracked Home Executive. LOL!


  3. Again you make me smile. Sounds like a typical day for me to be honest. I can’t seem to screw my own head on straight and do end up laughing at myself at some point and time during the day. Its good to know that I am not the only one who’s family thinks they’re crazy. Usually its my kids though!

    Did you ever make it around to watching your Oprah?

    Thanks for sharing.


  4. I thought it was just me and I needed to me medicated! So should I feel better or worse that all of us are running around with our heads cut off? I don’t think I’ve ever stayed “on course” with what I was doing for more than 5-10 minutes. Is it chronic in our society with so many choices, and now too much interaction with technology to side-track us even more?
    Great Post & Congrats on being Freshly Pressed!!!


  5. I said to my sister the other day “i think I have add” she says to me “me too plus we are gemini’s so we are just all around hot messes that can’t stay focused on one thing” GREAT! I feel your pain!


  6. LOL!!! That could be exactly from my own life… isn’t it amazing how you go and check one little thing on the computer- and next time you look at the time it is 2 hours later….


  7. I do the same exact thing! Only, I insist that I’m so in control, when actually there are days when I question myself, did I respond, yes you responded or noooo you did not respond! LOL


  8. I was laughing half-way through….even more so after I realized that I’m actually supposed to be doing something other than reading this post!!


  9. Adding my congrats on being “fresh pressed”.

    This one caught my eye, primarily because I’m currently in the midst of being tested for A.D.D. Seriously.

    I’ve had so many moments like that. (Well, except for the nails part. I don’t do my nails. Pink would look kind of weird on my hairy feet). 🙂

    But in my crazier moments I’ve done things like bring home frozen food and leaving it on the counter while I got distracted by a phone call, followed by email, followed by a night of watching TV, and heading to bed. Only to discover the “frozen” food, dripping away on the counter top the next morning.

    Oh vey.


  10. I can totally relate to this post. Sometimes it seems as if the computer sucks me into the vortex and I never get anything done. Even the stuff I planned to do on the computer!


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  12. I think a whole bunch of us can relate to this!!! I know I can. Glad to know I’m not the only one that takes forever to do one thing on here.

    Kudos on being pressed! Well deserved!


  13. Sounds like me, only I also add in to my list of insanity, check my school (online school is awesome). I think many of us do the same thing. I try to multi-task as much as possible.
    -Log into school, email, wordpress, Fb, bank, and my other email all at the same time! This way, I can just tab through the different sites when I 1) get bored with one, or 2) am waiting for something to load, or 3) something cool catches my eye, like your post did just now 🙂

    Congrats on being Freshly Pressed 🙂


  14. Oh how I can relate!! I read something similar quite a while back and it tickled my funny bone, but did not hit the spots described here. It was called “The But First Syndrome”. I’ll see if I can hunt it down, on my computer, but first I REALLY MUST get to work!!

    Thanks for an enjoyable blog!!


  15. How cool is this!! After I kept reading,I thought I was going to read when you actually didn’t print the picks…lol! Thats is my evening and mornings, I’ll start sorting dishes, here my daughter call my name stop with the dishes go tend to her, find something out of place in her room, end up cleaning her whole room, go to her bathroom, and so forth. Good Post!


  16. Hi Christy! I added you in my blogroll… and I gave you homework, too (check out my latest post). If you still haven’t been tagged, well, you are now… 🙂
    Hope to hear from you soon!
    Supergoddess Me


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  18. Great post, by commenting I’m guessing you can come to the assumption that I too, can relate to this and procrastinate and jump from one thing to the next very easily. I come here with a question though. Did you ever end up watching Oprah? Lol


  19. I had a wonderful ADD moment on Friday. Our weekend plans fell through and I had a day off, but my husband went to work to salvage a vacation day for later this year. I had no plans or schedule for the day for the first time since…maybe ever. Every time I got distracted, I just went with it. I did eventually finish everything, but I took the scenic route! Your blog looks great..consider me subscribed!


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