18 comments on “Wildlife in the Morning

      • Hi Mems! G2 is just my goofy made up name for my camera. It is actually a Pentax K200D. My best tips are that a good camera helps, but its not just about the camera, its about having the ‘eye’ and learning how to properly use your camera (reading the instruction manual), learning about light, exposure and also my biggest tip, get HONEST constructive critique on your photos, that taught me more than anything.

  1. Brilliant pictures! About those other places that people describe I have been across a lot of country but the one thing that I noticed all that time was everything that people described was the biggest,best,most,greatest or just It.
    It has been my experience that nothing is as great as you’re mind can conceive or as terrible… if you imagine it so.
    What I like about a picture is that I can think what ever I want to and it takes me to my minds view of that place. thank you for the trip!

  2. Your photographs are stunning. Looking forward to seeing more of your nature photography, particularly when fall sets in and the scenery begins to change. We live in Florida where our seasons are Flood, Drought, Sweltering, and Mildly Cool.

  3. I have a similar place that has wonderful views of sunsets and wildlife. Unfortunately, there’s a person that keeps me from enjoying it and I can’t enjoy it until my dad passes. But I have memories.

    You’re pictures reminded me of that place.

    Thanks for posting them. Let’s me believe that I may enjoy this place again sometime.

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