Barns and Clouds

Well, its just one of those days where I’m just too busy to know what to say.

Although I wouldn’t exactly call myself at a loss for words, even if I’m talking to myself I usually have SOMETHING to say.

Never mind that….

A recent storm front to move in. I love watching the clouds churn and creep in.

Believe it or not, this is right smack dab in the middle of the town I live in. Across the street is a major strip mall, and it is surrounded on all sides by commercial or residential. I’ve asked a few people around here if they know “that old barn” and they have no idea its even there. I think we just get in that mode of go-go-go, we forget to stop & look sometimes.

Have a great day and remember to slow down and look for the beauty in our world.


12 thoughts on “Barns and Clouds

  1. lovely photos…I love the visual turmoil of the storm…
    the red barn is luscious–what a surprise, right there in the middle of town.
    and, finally, thanks for the reminder to just…sllloooowwww down,.


  2. Hi Christy, lovely photos! Such an important message – learning to really see when you look. Most people miss so much every single day.

    In addition to my other interests, I do like to take pictures – though I’m not necessarily good at it. I’ve posted a few on my Vintage Minx blog and will continue to do so; would love your thoughts. I also have a separate food blog with my husband. Check it out!



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