12 comments on “The Best Guacamole EVER

  1. definitely going to try this! i loooove avocados, and eat them at least once a day. and guacamole is one of my favoritist meals. if i don’t have tortilla chips on hand, i usually use tomato slices instead. super tasty and super healthy. oh and i add lemon to mine :)

  2. Thanks, Christy. I had never eaten an avocado (no, really) until I moved to California a few years ago. And now I’m pretty much addicted.

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  4. I grew up surrounded by avocado trees and hated them until a couple of years ago ~ of course, now I have to buy them. Definitely gonna try out this recipe this weekend. Thanks.

  5. Ooooo I love making homemade guac! It tastes so good on everything :) (And you should try putting cilantro in it like pbandchutney says! Very good.)

  6. Since guacamole is typically a mexican food inspired dish, why don’t you try it with a mexican hot sauce instead of louisiana hot sauce. I suggest Cholula, makes a wonderful difference.

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