Squirrel Update!

Ok, so for those of you who didnt know about the friendly neighborhood squirrel <–read about it here. (I’ll wait until you get back.) <whistles>

Now that  you’ve been caught up, its time for a Squirrel update. First off, the squirrel has a name, Sandy. My sweet neighbors’ grandaughters named the adorable squirrel after the charater in Spongebob Squarepants cartoon. Parents of young ones out there will know my reference.

Anyway, Sandy the squirrel decided to hang around quite a bit at the neighbors house and let me tell you, they loved every minute of it. There were even a few times they let Sandy in their home, that is, until this was built:

Ends up my retired neighbors’ husband is quite handy with the woodworking and paints!

Yes, as you can see, this is the finest in squirrel accomodations.It not only has painted on landscaping that one never has to water, it has a mailbox, a window (although not really a ‘see through’ window) and a place, right over the squirrel doorway, that tells all other squirrels in the neighborhood, this is not your home, its Sandy’s home. They even somehow knew Sandy was a patriotic squirrel as they provided her with her own small American flag to fly high and proud. Yes my friends, the two little bowls you see there are for her feeding of a nutty assortment and the other, for a cool sip to wash it all down. The roof is even hinged so that if need be, they can open the door to see that she(?) is ok. Oh and I almost forgot, they provided her with a small hand towel to wrap herself in in case she got cold. These people thought of everything and its just hystericaly adorable.

Sandy caught their hearts and they spoiled her like a grandchild. I have to admit, I completely understood my neighbors motherly instinct when it came to this overly social baby squirrel. Sandy is simply adorable and a sight to see.

My neighbors asked me a small favor a few weeks later, they knew my daughter was away studying in college for her wildlife degree. They wondered when she would be returning from school as they had a vacation planned and was hoping that she would be able to come over a few times a day and make sure Sandy had nuts & fresh water. My daughter was due home before they left and jumped at the chance and was as bewildered as the rest of us that this baby squirrel went against what was supposed to be her natural instincts and adopted human caretakers.

As you can see above, my daughter got aquainted with our new miniature neighbor and took her responsibility seriously. I know my photos are not technically the best but I believe it was because I couldn’t help but chuckle while witnessing this interaction, something not even instruments to reduce camera shake can completely overcome.

Sandy did have her hesitation when it came to us humans. She wouldn’t go near my daughter (above) until said daughter offered her what must be squirrel chocolate, a walnut. She was very friendly with my neighbor but as time went by, even stopped letting my neighbor hold her. It seems as she gets older, her instincts are kicking in a bit, which is ultimately what we all really want for her.

What is to become of this nutty little squirrel? To be continued….

9 thoughts on “Squirrel Update!

  1. I love this! We built a rather large temporary home for some outdoor cats that tend to frolic in our backyard. One of them has disappeared (we suspect he had a home and the owners moved), however the other (who appears to not have a home) still frequents our little box in the back. We have not, however, painted the box up to look so nice as this little squirrel shelter! What a great story…it’s good to see that there are still people out there who wish to help the furry beings that cross our paths.


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