Guess who is unemployed now…..


Yep, Spiderman.

On my recent business trip to California I came across Spiderman on a Pier playing the guitar for tips! What has this world come to when even Spiderman can’t even find a job?!

But then again, there is a lot of crime in the world today so he should have plenty to do.

Maybe the stress of his job is getting to him. I’m sure he’s tired of seeing the evils of this world, he does after all, work in a very toxic environment. Day in and day out he sees people treating each other so poorly, it would surely take a toll on ones’ psyche.

Maybe hes not unemployed at all, he’s just taking some time for himself. I could see where standing in the sunshine on a beautiful beach, the rhythm of the waves coming in and out, seeing people enjoing life while strumming tunes on a guitar could be therapeutic.

Yep, I could see that.


6 thoughts on “Guess who is unemployed now…..

  1. I clicked on you btw from your entry on PW’s cooking blog. I sell a necklace in my shop that is handstamped “momarazzi” and your name caught my eye:)


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