Rhinos, Giraffes and Bears, Oh my!

Since my oldest daughter is following her passion & is in the process of getting her “Conservation & Ecology” (or Wildlife) degree, it seems to state the obvious when I say we have made many trips to the St. Louis Zoo over the past several years. In fact, for the past 3 or so summers, she’s been a volunteer in the Childrens zoo, which has only confirmed for her that this is what she wants to do with the rest of her life.

Here is a picture of her, taken by a co-worker at the zoo, of her in action. I get the heebie jeebies just looking at this!

Here are a sampling of the photos I’ve captured of the amazing creatures we share this earth with.


Not the most attractive animals in the kingdom, Rhinos are thought of as rough & tough, but it seems as though they also have a softer side as this picture shows some Rhino nuzzling.

Girraffes are one of my favorite animals to just sit and watch. So tall and lanky with a coat of intricate patterns they are a sight to behold. They seem to have a gracefulness about them that I envy!











This is a sun bear, he looks adorable, but from my understanding they can be very aggressive & have the claws to prove it!












This old girl had me mesmerized. I’ve always loved Chimps and here I looked her in the eyes for several minutes in sheer reverence. It may seem silly, but I wondered what her life had been like and if she was happy. Theres something about looking into the eyes of an animal like this that really made me appreciate life & the amazing journey we are all on!

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