The Road Trip home…

The road trip coming home from dropping Amber off at college should take 4 ½ hours. Notice, I said should. I left Maryville at around noon and arrived home at about 8:30 pm! No I did not get lost, I did not stop to go shopping, I did not help an old lady cross the road. Instead, I purposely strayed onto the roads less traveled. Seriously less traveled for some of them. Old country roads, gravel roads, where ever my instincts led me, I went. Call me a dork, but I had a blast.
I felt a little like an explorer, wondering what vision I would see over the next hill or around the next bend in the road. I noticed that people in rural Missouri are still the type to wave as you pass them even though they have no idea who you are. Living in suburbia for so long, its so refreshing to see that the courtesy for your fellow man still exists if only shown by the simplest of gestures.
Along the roads, this are just some of what I saw:
This Old barn was off of Hwy 36, it was a grand old barn made with brick and wood. I would have loved to have ventured inside.
I feel as though barns are a big part of our heritage as Americans and feel they add character to our lands.


Appreciate the beauty that surrounds you every day. The beauty you look at but dont see. Those are gifts from God.
This last barn made me wonder. Who had been here? What had the lives been like that built, worked in, and played around this barn whose windmill had seen better days and whose walls were crumbling with memories?
Lastly, I know it has been a while between this post and my last, I have been busy getting prepared for craft shows. Next one this Saturday. I should be posting a bit more often here again.
Coming soon:
Baby Maria Grace
A senior portrait session
A Family portrait session
Stay tuned! (originally posted Oct 2009, blog moved)

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