Christy Goes to college (kind of)

Ok, so I wasn’t going to college, I was taking my oldest back to move her in for her 2nd year. She attends college in rural, northern Missouri and the country is beautiful up there. Rolling farm fields of green and gold, the fresh, clean air, the feeling that you have “elbow room”… it would be a dream come true for me to live in a place like that.

Just like her freshman year, move in morning was a bit dreary weather wise.

We arrived at campus early in the morning to start moving her up to her second floor dorm. Both of our cars were packed with her belongings and supplies. There was no elevator in this dorm building, but as another 2nd floor mom said, as she looked on the bright side, “Thank God they’re not on the 3rd floor!” Great way to be positive!
We definitely got our exercise!
We trudged all of her things up to the dorm, arranged her room and unpacked. The dorm she had last year shared a community bathroom, this year she and her roomie are moving up in the college world and have a bathroom to their self, YAY!

(Administration Building)

After her room was mostly in order, we went for a walk around campus with my camera in hand. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the sun had come out, it was another perfect day.
Although I had been there before, she was the campus expert and guided me to the good places for the shots.

The campus and the buildings are all as beautiful as the landscape that surrounds it.

The architecture around campus was a mix of the old and the new, and bustling with the youthful energy that inhabits it. I couldn’t help but think of all of these young adults walking around campus and how they are just starting out their adult lives. I never had the “go away to college experience” so it is fun to live it, if only a little, through my children.

The Bell tower in the center of the campus:

To the right: From under the bell tower you can view the flags that represent the home countries of the various students who attend.
The Bearcat is their Mascot. Evidently named by an opposing team years ago because the bearcat is an animal that is hard to catch & difficult to hold on to. (And let me tell you, it’s not an attractive animal!)

After lunch, she walked me to my car so I could begin the four and half hour drive home. I gave her a huge mamma hug and kissed her on top of her head. I didn’t get all choked up this year like I did last year, although I did get that familiar lump in my throat. I guess I’m getting used to the idea that my oldest baby is growing up, although I don’t think it was just that thought alone that caused that lump, I think it can also be contributed to pride.



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