A Long Winter Passing – Busch’s Wildlife

Its been a long winter.
Colder & snowier than years in recent memory.


Spring is just around the corner, I can almost smell it!
I cant wait for the longer days, the fresh air flowing through my home and the warm sunshine on my face.
Long, dreary, cloudy winters can bring down the spirit, get you in a funk.  


 We’re too busy worrying about things we have to do,
about the daily dramas that waste our time.
We worry about the economy, the bills, everything.
When we aren’t worrying,
we’re answering our cell phones as we pass by the world outside.
‘Busy-ness’ has filled our lives and invaded our quiet.
There are times when we need to let that cell phone ring.
We need to push the worries aside, what good are they doing us anyway?
Over the next few weeks as winter blows her last brisk winds before the next season starts, remember…
there is beauty in even the cold dreary days,
quiet is ok,
 if only for a moment, turn off the radio,
ignore that text or that call,
Sit and look at the beauty in the simple scenes.
And give thanks.
(origninally posted Feb 2010)

One thought on “A Long Winter Passing – Busch’s Wildlife

  1. I grew up in the panhandle of Nebraska and “sort of” miss the changes of the seasons. Portland, Oregon has a lot of rain and very little snow. If I wanted to, I could drive about 100 miles in several directions to find: ocean, desert, forests, plains, mountains, snow, and so on…generally.


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